Revolutionize Your Heating System - The AI-based Hydraulic Balancing Solution

Efficient, Intelligent, and Innovative Housing – Reduce Heating Costs and Increase Property Value with a Digital Basic Service Contract
Welcome to – the future of intelligent and efficient housing. With our cutting-edge digital technology, we offer solutions that help reduce heating costs and increase the value of your property.

The Problem

Untapped Potential in Heating Costs

As per a study, heating costs are expected to increase by 180% in 2022, leading to social disruptions for around 7 million people. Furthermore, buildings are responsible for 38% of human CO2 emissions. Additionally, thermal renovations such as windows, insulation, etc. are costly and lead to rental losses and, in some cases, empty units.

The Solution

KI-based Housing Management offers LoRaWAN IoT, a low-cost, user-friendly hardware that includes smart thermostats, hot water preparation, circulation pump, presence-based heating, and monitoring of heat, water, electricity, and mold. Our AI-based neural network helps optimize heating costs by learning from its environment, including the weather forecast and the absence detection.

The Impact

Potential Savings through​

Our smart heating system reduces heating costs significantly, resulting in a 46% potential reduction in heating costs. With our smart management app, renters can easily adjust their heating plans, and property owners and managers can monitor the status of their property in real-time.

All Stakeholders Benefit from

Public and private housing companies, cooperatives, caretakers, and contractors can all benefit from our technology by saving on heating costs, reducing the vacancy rates, and increasing their revenues. Additionally, we offer up to 70% and 100,000€ in subsidies to eligible applicants.
At, we are committed to making housing more efficient, affordable, and intelligent. By working together, we can make autonomous and intelligent housing a reality. Thank you for your interest in